Border Management and Migration Controls in Italy

Andrea Terlizzi | University of Florence

This report explores the border management and migration control regime in Italy, analysing the development of its legal and policy framework and the institutions and actors involved in implementation. In particular, the primary aim is to assess whether Italian border management and migration control measures have been preventing the legitimate cross-border flows of migrants seeking asylum. 

In formulating policy recommendations, the report concludes that Italy should reinforce the ‘legal channels’ for asylum seekers to access the Italian asylum system. Currently, such channels are in effect guaranteed by non-governmental actors only. Moreover, blocking the migratory flows in the countries of origin/transit – preventing migrants from seeking asylum – should not be seen as the primary goal of the overall border management policy. In this regard, the Italian externalization strategy has in fact been mainly focused on limiting cross-border flows of migrants and therefore the legitimate movement of individuals seeking asylum. 

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