Newsletter #1 | March 2018

1. Introducing RESPOND
2. The Eastern Mediterranean Route
3. Inaugurating 3 Years of Research!
4. Spotlight on.. Turkey
5. A Message from the Project Coordinators, Assoc. Prof. Onver A. Cetrez & Dr. Soner Barthoma. M.A.| Uppsala University
6. Lead Partner: Uppsala University
7. Introducing the RESPOND Consortium
8. Recent RESPONDer Publications
9. RESPOND at Upcoming Events
10. Relevant Conferences

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Newsletter #2 | September 2018

1. Did you miss our first newsletter?  Here's an introduction to RESPOND
2.  Announcing RESPOND's working paper series: Global migration: consequences and responses
3. RESPONDING to research challenges
4. First results: politicization and a complex, fragmented legal milieu in RESPOND countries
5. Gender in the German refugee debate - Reflections on shortcomings, side-effects and pitfalls
6. Post-"crisis" Austria: Recent figures and trends in political approaches to asylum
7. In a nutshell: policies affecting Syrian refugees' daily lives in Lebanon
8. The atmosphere of fear taking its toll in Hungary
9. Field-notes from a border province, Sanliurfa, Turkey
10. The RESPOND consortium
11. Kicking off RESPOND and Sweden's migration governance network
12. Spotlight on RESPOND-ER: Justyna Szalanska
13. Recent RESPONDER Publications
14. Upcoming events and projects

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