Comparative Dataset on Migration

Federico, Veronica; Terlizzi, Andrea; D'Amato, Silvia | University of Florence

The purpose of this dataset is to provide a systematic set of standardised contextual (economic, socio-political, cultural and legal) indicators in order to identify and measure on a comparative basis those contextual factors that have an (beneficial or inhibiting) impact on European, but not exclusively, responses to mass migration. Attention has been paid to existing socio-economic conditions and to national policies related to immigrants and asylum seekers. In this respect, the dataset comprises a set of both macro-level indicators measuring the socio-economic, political and institutional context of migration and cultural – or individual-level – indicators addressing ordinary citizens’ subjective attitudes, behaviours and perceptions about migration related-phenomena (e.g. perceived discrimination on ethnic grounds; immigration being bad or good for a country's economy; a country's cultural life being undermined or enriched by immigration).

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