Border Management and Migration Controls in POLAND Report

Monika Szulecka | Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw

The report focuses on the laws and practices of border management and migration control in Poland. It includes a description of the main developments in migration policy and laws concerning border control and since 2011, focusing on the arrival of asylum seekers, the lack of significant changes in the law, and substantial changes in the state's attitude towards immigration. Furthermore, the report provides a detailed description of the legal framework and implementation related to border management and migration control concerning different phases of the migratory process: before entry, at the border, within the territory, and during return procedures.

The report also discusses problems and challenges as identified by experts in immigration issues. The topics identified as requiring attention and improvement concern: (1) the situation at the Polish eastern border and the restricted access to apply for international protection in Poland (due to refusals of entry issued to non-nationals appearing at the border without the required visas), (2) the dual role of the Border Guard at the border and the consequences of it for the process of receiving applications for international protection, (3) problems with the lack of legal aid for persons in the process of the return procedure, and (4) issuing decisions on detention despite negative prerequisites to do so, especially in case of families with children.

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