Germany - Country Report: Legal and Policy Framework of Migration Governance

J. Eduardo Chemin, Sabine Hess, Alexander K. Nagel, Bernd Kasparek, Valeria Hänsel, Matthias Jakubowski | Göttingen University

The aim of this national report is to gather information about the legal, institutional and policy context of migration governance in Germany in respect of asylum. As such, it offers a short (non exhaustive) overview of the asylum regime in Germany within the context of the so-called “Refugee Crisis” of 2015/2016. For this end, our focus is on macro level aspects of the legal and policy framework of the German asylum regime. This report is part of a comparative exercise between the partner countries involved in RESPOND.

The time frame comprehends the period between 2011 and 2017. The logic behind this is that it encompasses the beginning of the Syrian civil war and its aftermath. Within this period, Europe has received millions of asylum seekers not only from Syria but also from the wider Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions, Central Africa and Eastern Europe whilst Germany in particular has become the most sought-after destinations in Europe for those seeking asylum.

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