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Border Management and Migration Controls in IRAQ Report

William K. Warda - Hamed S. A. al-Maffraji - Nahla Arif - Yohanna Y. Toma - Ayad C. Joffrey | Hammurabi Human Rights Organization

This report focuses on Border Management and Migration Control in Iraq through discussing three main issues, these are: First, it discusses Iraq legal framework defining the pre entry measures; procedures for return, detention and readmission; and key actors involved in Border Management and Migration Control. Second, it provides a conceptualization of Iraq decision makers on the importance of Border Management and the process of regulating the status of refugees and asylum seekers. This includes discussing the challenges and fears of Iraqi politicians paralyzing the process of enacting some important legislations aiming at further development of Iraq legal framework. Thirdly, it discusses the applicable policies and practices, and their compliance with the Iraqi legal system and with the international standards. Additionally, the report includes a conclusion part summarising the main findings of the researching team and their recommendations.

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