Border Management and Migration Controls in GERMANY Report

Valeria Hänsel - SabineHess - Bernd Kasparek | University of Goettingen

This country report analyses the border management and migration control policies of the Federal Republic of Germany in relation to the policies and regulations of the European Union. It outlines Germany’s hegemonic position within the European Union regarding migration management and border policies. We argue that the securitized perspective on migration policies – including the externalization strategy prevalent in the EU – is to a substantial degree rooted in discourses, policies, legislation and practices of Germany closely interwoven with European policies.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in HUNGARY Report

Daniel Gyollai - Umut Korkut | Glasgow Caledonian University

This report gives an overview of the major developments of the Hungarian border and migration control policy, the subsequent practices and dominant political narratives focusing mainly, but not exclusively, on the past five-year period. It will discuss the role of actors involved in migration governance, the cooperation among them and with international stakeholders.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in AUSTRIA

Ivan Josipovic & Ursula Reeger | Austrian Academy of Sciences

Between 2011 and 2018, legal changes in the realm of border management and migration controls in Austria extended policing capacities and activities targeting irregular migration, with measures arriving in tight conjunction with restrictions at all stages of the asylum procedure. Regarding pre-entry measures, cooperation on cross-border policing with neighbouring countries such as Hungary and Italy was intensified.

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Border Management and Migration Controls in Italy

Andrea Terlizzi | University of Florence

This report explores the border management and migration control regime in Italy, analysing the development of its legal and policy framework and the institutions and actors involved in implementation. In particular, the primary aim is to assess whether Italian border management and migration control measures have been preventing the legitimate cross-border flows of migrants seeking asylum. 

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