Analysing Gender and Vulnerability in Integration Policy Arenas


ORGANISERS | Susan Rottmann and Naures Atto

This panel examines gender and vulnerability in the context of European migration governance and integration policy. We seek fine-grained analyses of men and women’s experiences of belonging to disadvantaged or vulnerable groups (ethnic, religious and sexual minorities) that may be used to critique, broaden and reshape policy. We are interested in analyses of gender and vulnerability that push beyond simplistic and universalized categorizations of migrants. Papers that explore disjunctures between policies on macro levels, the actions of meso level actors and refugee experiences on micro levels are particularly welcome. We also seek papers that apply intersectional analyses, examining how gender and ethnic identities intersect with other identities (i.e. class, religion, age). Finally, papers that propose new methodologies for including refugees as active participants in research and which propose novel dissemination strategies are sought.

With regards to gender, we are particularly interested in men and women’s access to labor markets, education, health and housing; experiences of community acceptance, conflict and belonging; changing gender identities; and new social norms for intimate relationships, marriage and family.

With regards to vulnerability, we are especially interested in theoretical approaches and case studies exploring specific contexts in which different groups of asylum seekers and refugees become vulnerable, paying special attention to the changing aspect of their vulnerability across source, transit and destination countries. How can changes in their vulnerability be explained? How does vulnerability develop into resilience mechanisms and how does it empower vulnerability and empower individuals and groups on the short and long term?