What's Working and What's Not: Integration on the Labor Market and in Education


ORGANISERS | Karolina Sobczak-Szelc, Marta Pachocka and Justyna Szalanska

This panel examines some of the most important functional indicators of migrant integration in European countries: labour market participation, access to education and housing from a socio- spatial point of view. Some papers that empirically analyze how integration activities and policies are designed, organized and implemented; how efficient and effective they are and what the mutual links are (if any) between macro, meso, and micro levels of policy implementation and governance structures in these areas of integration. Other papers explore the following issues: local, regional and national differences in labour market integration, housing or education access; urban versus rural experiences and the implications for integration on the local level; the role of meso-level actors such as NGOs, religious organizations, and other solidarity groups in facilitating access to labour markets, education or housing; refugee experiences and challenges and opportunities related to work and schooling.