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Theorizing Hospitality and Integration: Preliminary Insights from Research with Syrian Women in Istanbul

by Dr. Susan Rottman

“Eat more.  I know you can eat more,” Dana urges with a smile as she serves me a second helping of sautéed green, mint-shaped leaves, soaked in lemon juice and accompanied by tiny pieces of chicken.  The leaves are imported dried from Syria and taste like chewy Swiss chard seasoned with lemon-y black tea.  It is completely delicious, and I certainly do not mind a second helping.  Dana wants me to feel welcome and therefore does not believe my polite protestations of being full. Throughout my research for RESPOND in Istanbul, I was often treated to this exceptional hospitality in Syrian homes.

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Migration Diplomacy: Readmission Agreement and Turkey-EU Refugee Statement

by Prof. Ayhan Kaya

The Readmission Agreement (16 December 2013) and the Turkey-EU Refugee Statement (18 March 2016) were signed in a period in which many public discussions were taking place in the background ranging from the issues of Islamophobia, populism, ISIS recruits, radicalisation of Islam, or Islamization of radicalism in Europe to the process of Islamization and the ISIS and PKK threats becoming more visible in Turkey.

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A Tale of Two Cities: From Aleppo to Istanbul

A vulnerability assessment study of Syrians in Istanbul that was conducted under my supervision by the Support to Life Association in 2016 found that around 87 percent of Syrians in Istanbul originated from the province of Aleppo, while only a small minority of 7.2 per cent came from Damascus. The ratio has not changed much since then. Many of our interlocutors that we interviewed in Istanbul in the summer of 2018 were also of Aleppo origin…

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RESPONDing Migration: Common trends in Migration Governance in Europe and Beyond

The 2015 Refugee crisis has been one of the most critical challenges the European Union has faced in the past decades. The crisis has revealed a number of criticalities, both at the level of the EU and at the level of member states, which determined severe deficiencies in the migration governance system…

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