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Migration Policy and Politics in Poland

by Konrad Pędziwiatr | Centre of Migration Research, University of Warsaw

In recent years Poland has become an increasingly attractive destination for immigrants amongst whom Ukrainians form the largest group. In 2016, it recorded the highest number of employment-related residence permits (almost half a million) for third country nationals among the EU Member States. Thus, Poland, whose citizens in the last three decades have significantly contributed to the European migration processes and form a new diaspora of over 2 million persons, is transforming from an emigration towards immigration country.

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by Pınar Aksu | Glasgow Caledonian University

Recently, I have carried out interviews for the RESPOND research in Glasgow, Scotland. It was an emotional, frustrating and hopeful process, with many of the participants openly talking about their experiences. Many people leave their country for different reasons; protection, new life, hope and better future. Sadly, some are forced to leave their country, so sudden there is no time to gather memories and say final goodbyes.

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RESPONDing Migration: Common trends in Migration Governance in Europe and Beyond

The 2015 Refugee crisis has been one of the most critical challenges the European Union has faced in the past decades. The crisis has revealed a number of criticalities, both at the level of the EU and at the level of member states, which determined severe deficiencies in the migration governance system…

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